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3 poetries published in the “encyclopaedia of contemporary poetry” from the foundation Mario Luzi. This award brings happiness!

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My Life Story

  • 1982

    Birth Year

    I was born in Salerno (Italy).
    The year was 1982.
    And, let me say, there was a big party for this event.
    My family burst with joy and I was brought up with love!

  • AVIS

    Voluntary Blood Donor

    This opportunity was born casually.
    My cousin did me a proposal: "do you want to come with me to donate blood?
    If you want, this Sunday we'll go to head-quarter AVIS and we'll do something beautiful!"
    I accepted the invitation and I went! It was year 2004.
    Since that day, every three months I'll go to the hospital to donate my blood!
    It's a wonderful experience, you feel like a new man, it's a strange but good sensation!

  • ITC

    High School Diploma

    My high school was in technical-economic institute
    (in Italy is called ITC).
    The main majors were accounting, law and maths.
    I liked all but the bad (not so bad but not so good) final result changed my lifetime.
    The result isn't the line guide for a life but sometimes it can be or it can help a new view on life,
    a new hole in what looks like a wall.

  • CUS

    Community Service

    I joined the community service with CUS Salerno.
    It was a nice experience that followed a life choice.
    At that time, there was a personal crisis, without desire to study, to work and to live, maybe.
    And the community service helped the born of a new sunrise.
    There, in the CUS experience, I met a lot of person and someone became my friend.
    It went on 9 months, 9 rich and poignant months!

  • Applied Computer Science

    University Degree

    My degree course was based on Computer Science,
    in particular a curriculum applied to electronic commerce.

  • from 2008

    Working in Information Technology

    My job started in the finally part of my degree course.
    I learned SAP ECC, SAP BW and ABAP, at the beginning.
    Then, project after project, I understood what i liked and what was my qualities.
    Until now, i worked with BW, ECC, Business Objects and i used ABAP, BO Tools, Flash, HTML5, CSS3, etc.

  • Forever

    Poems and Romances

    I write poems since I was fifteen.
    Now I have about 150 poems, collected in various personal collections.

    I published some of them in collection of poems, such as:
    - 2008: “OCCHIETTI NERI”
    - 2013: “IL FEDERICIANO”
    - 2015: "Enciclopedia di Poesia Contemporanea Vol. 5 (Premio LUZI)

    and i won a Medal in poetry contest "L'iride" (2008)

    You can read some poems in the section "Reading" of this site!

  • Love and Love

    Love is a particular piece in a human life. I was wet from it few years ago, exactly 4.
    It was the 2012. And since then, I feel myself another person. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror
    and I say in my mind "Who is he?". I'm! It seems all the same but it isn't.
    It's a new light, a new way of life, a new road ahead, and you'll never be alone...

  • Do you want
    to Be Part
    Of My


This is what I know and what I use in my projects, as "consultant"


SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications.



SAP Business Warehouse (abridge SAP BW) is SAP’s Enterprise Data Warehouse product. It can transform and consolidate business information from virtually any source system. It ran on industry standard RDBMS until version 7.3 at which point it began to transition onto SAP's HANA in-memory DBMS, particularly with the release of version 7.4.

Fonte: Wikipedia BW

Business Explorer Tools

Most of SAP Netweaver BI users are working with SAP Business Explorer (BEx) tools built into there SAP Netweaver BI System. But SAP Netweaver 2004s release have new additions to this toolset. Each tool will address a variety of reporting requirements.

1) BEx Query Designer
2) BEx Analyzer
3) BEx Web Application Designer (WAD)
4) BEx Report Designer

Fonte: Wiki SAP B.E.T.

SAP Business Objects

SAP BusinessObjects (a.k.a. BO, BOBJ) is an enterprise software company, specializing in business intelligence (BI). BusinessObjects was acquired in 2007 by German company SAP AG. The company claimed more than 46,000 customers worldwide in its final earnings release prior to being acquired by SAP.

Web Intelligence Rich Client Web Intelligence Rich Client
Information Design Tool Information Design Tool
Dashboard Design Dashboard Design

Fonte: Wikipedia B.O.

AS3, MXML and Flex Builder

Taking advantages of union between AS3, MXML and Flex Builder, you can deployed different scenarios, such as:
- create new component for Dashboard Design (SAP BI) using the SDK Component
- create website, based on Flash technology
- create simple APP for Android or Apple

HTML5 and CSS3 and JQuery

Managing the integration between these three languages, you can use, for example, a Bootstrap template and adapt it to your needs. This website is a perfect example because, starting from an Agency Template, i've added other stuffs and adjust all.


SAP ERP is enterprise resource planning software developed by the German company SAP SE. SAP ERP incorporates the key business functions of an organization. A complete architecture change took place with the introduction of mySAP ERP edition in 2004.
And ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming, originally Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, German for "general report creation processor") is a high-level programming language created by the German software company SAP.

Fonti: Wikipedia ERP and Wikipedia ABAP


These are projects in which I worked in team or alone

Fusion Project

SAP BW on HANA designer

Fusion Project

BO Designer

SIM Project

BI Designer on IPAD and Web

Bus Damages

BO Designer for BW Analysis


BI Flow Designer


BW Flow Designer


Dashboard Designer

Our Amazing Team

Bill Gates *

Mark Zuckenberg *

Giuseppe D'Alessio

Team Leader


Only for you, some of my poetries, published in various collections. In English and Italian version!

Where your gaze falls

(Dove il tuo sguardo cade)



Living Past

(Passato vivente)

A veil of love on us

(Su di noi un velo di amore)

Words wander among us

(Le parole vagano tra di noi)


I love photos and this is a hit parade.

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